Coloured Contact Lenses: Fun And Benefit In One

Coloured contact lenses are usually associated with special effects in films or celebrities who sport them to add something extra to their looks. These are the so-called plano coloured contacts and they are worn purely for cosmetic purposes. However, people in need of vision correction can also wear coloured lenses. The most important thing to remember is not to buy such lenses before consulting with an eye care practitioner and having a proper fit. In addition, proper care is as essential for coloured contacts as it is for clear lenses and certain rules must always be observed, AllAboutVision points out in an article on the subject.

Prospective coloured lens wearers have no reason to worry about safety, because these lenses are as safe as regular ones. However, in both cases this depends on proper use and care. This includes proper cleaning, storage and disinfection. If you intend to wear coloured contacts only occasionally, the best option for you would be daily disposables.

Now come the words of caution and heeding them will ensure safe and comfortable wear. Since coloured contact lenses can produce quite a striking effect, friends may want to try yours on or suggest swapping if they also happen to have a pair. This is something you should refrain from doing at all costs. Never forget that contact lenses are medical devices and should be treated as such. And if your eyes become red or irritated, stop wearing your contact lenses and immediately make an appointment with your eye doctor.



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