Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

We just love Acuvue Oasys contact lenses! Here’s why – Digital devices and challenging environments like cold air conditioning or dusty, dry air can cause discomfort and irritation to your eyes. Oasys contact lenses with hydraclear plus technology are inspired by the way your tear film works; it stabilizes the tear film minimizing eye dryness and maintaining eye moisture. This lens is available with correction for near and farsighted vision correction. It is a 2-week replacement contact lens available 6,… Read More ➝

There’s nothing worse than when your contact lenses are discontinued and you are about to run out of lenses. Do not despair here are three alternative contact lenses you will love even more than Frequency 55! BIOFINITY Biofinity an extended wear monthly disposable contact lens made with aquaform comfort science technology, (a high-oxygen performance lens technology combined with naturally wet lens material) making this lens the perfect option if you struggle with dry eyes. These lenses will feel more comfortable… Read More ➝

Interesting Facts About The Human Eye

A few of the countless facts to be learned about one of our bodies most complex and interesting organs. Though we take it for granted, the miracle of vision is one of the greatest gifts we have just by virtue of being members of the human race. Simple things like seeing a deer in the wilderness, watching our favorite sports teams and viewing great works of art enrich our lives in absolutely immeasurable quantities. Your eyes are about 1 inch… Read More ➝

Over 250 million people around the world suffer from some form of visual impairment – yet four out of five cases could been prevented or even cured. Now, the inventor of corrective laser eye surgery has made a bold claim, saying that “there shouldn’t be any blind person ten years from now in the world”. Dr Josef Bille, a pioneering and award-winning scientist and ophthalmologist, was the first to patent LASIK (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) laser vision correction procedures, and… Read More ➝