One of the things that make contact lenses so popular is the convenience they provide for sports participants. Lenses have made it possible for people with visual problems to pursue their passion and even compete professionally in sports where poor sight would otherwise be a problem. Wearing glasses is fine, but is impractical for many sports. So which contact lens types represent the best choice for athletes? According to an article in the current issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, daily… Read More ➝

Over 250 million people around the world suffer from some form of visual impairment – yet four out of five cases could been prevented or even cured. Now, the inventor of corrective laser eye surgery has made a bold claim, saying that “there shouldn’t be any blind person ten years from now in the world”. Dr Josef Bille, a pioneering and award-winning scientist and ophthalmologist, was the first to patent LASIK (Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis) laser vision correction procedures, and… Read More ➝

When they reach a certain age, many children who wear glasses become conscious of their looks and ask if they can wear contact lenses instead. For parents unsure about how to answer this requests, an article on All About Vision explains some of the things you should consider when making this decision. Technically speaking, children’s eyes can deal with contact lenses from a very young age – even practically from birth, in some extreme cases. More important than age, then,… Read More ➝

Eye App Could Improve Anaemia

A new eye app invented by two Australian students could be put to use in rural areas as well as developing countries to help prevent anaemia. The app, invented by 22-year-olds Jarrel Seah and Jennifer Tang, has earned the students a prize of US$50,000 and a meeting with Bill Gates after it won awards in Microsoft’s global student technology competition, GeekWire reported. Called Eyenaemia, the app can be used for screening for anaemia – a deficiency of healthy red blood… Read More ➝