Could honey help your eyes?

We might be more used to pouring it on pancakes or using it to alleviate the symptoms of a cold, but according to a team of optometry researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Health Clinics, honey could also be used as a remedy for dry, red and sore eyes. Clinical Optometrist Dr Julie Albietz has been studying the benefits of antibacterial medial honeys on the surface of the eye for over ten years. She will be leading two… Read More ➝

Eye Health Myths: Fact and Fiction

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tales that carrots are good for your eyes and watching too much TV will make your eyes square. But how do you separate fact from fiction when it comes to looking after your eye health? Myth 1: Reading in poor light is bad for your eyes Although it can lead to eye strain, making them tire quicker, there is no evidence to suggest that reading in dim light will cause any long-term damage to… Read More ➝

If you’ve been given a prescription by your optometrist, choosing whether to opt for glasses or contact lenses can be a difficult decision. There are many factors you will need to take into account; such as lifestyle, comfort, budget, appearance and convenience. If you have dry or sensitive eyes, you may find that glasses are an effective solution, as contact lenses can cause problems with this. Glasses will also reduce the need to touch your eyes, decreasing any chances of… Read More ➝

If you think that contact lenses involve a lot of effort, or if you wish to wake up in the morning with clear vision, you may wish to know more about extended wear lenses. Helpfully, an article on has summarised some of the benefits of this technology, as well as some of the risks involved. Extended wear lenses mean those that have been approved for being left in overnight. They are specially designed from silicone hydrogel materials, which allow… Read More ➝

Firework lovers should watch displays prepared by professionals to avoid the risk of eye problems, eye-care experts suggest. Many people are tempted to buy their own fireworks, but it is better to watch them at a professionally organised show, according to Dr Jay McCollum, an ophthalmologist and director of emergency services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Callahan Eye Hospital. Another specialist, Dr Priscilla Fowler, an assistant professor at the same university, said she has seen too many eye… Read More ➝