A Brief Guide To GP Lenses

As contact lens technology advanced, hard lenses gave way to rigid gas permeable contact lenses, or GP lenses for short. Although they are not as popular as soft contact lenses, GP lenses may be a better option for people with more complex prescriptions. They also provide sharper vision for those who have astigmatism, near-sightedness or far-sightedness. Here are the highlights of an EyeHealthWeb article dealing with GP lenses.

GP contact lenses come in two types: daily wear and extended wear. GP lenses designed for daily wear are an excellent alternative in cases where soft lenses cannot deliver the desired visual correction. This type also has the benefit of lower infection risk. Extended wear GP lenses can be worn overnight for as long as one week without danger of complications.

So what advantages do GP lenses offer? Made of hard plastic, they provide sharp vision and can correct most vision problems. GP lenses are also custom made and come in practically all shapes, meaning that there is a pair out there for even the most difficult and complex corneas. In addition, GP lenses last longer than soft contacts.

The main disadvantage of GP lenses is the length of time required for adjustment. Some people get used to them within a week but others may need up to a month. These lenses are not the best choice for wearers who do a lot of physical activities. People who opt for GP lenses must also be prepared to invest more time and effort in cleaning and disinfecting. It is very important to take good care of GP lenses because they are not replaced often. On the bright side, keeping GP lenses clean is easier because they have greater resistance to protein deposits.



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