LiveŽ 30pk
By CooperVision

(Box of 30 lenses)

CooperVision - LiveŽ 30pk

Price: $30.00

Live Contact Lenses are a silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens with 56% water. A healthy comfortable contact lens with UV protection.

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CooperVision - LiveŽ 30pk

Contact Lens Details

LiveŽ Contact Lenses features AquaGen Technology - a unique non-surface treatment that naturally attracts and binds water molecules to the lens surface and throughout the material. This results in a naturally wettable contact lens to help support all-day wearer comfort.

Live Contact Lenses are perfect to replace a hydrogel 1 day contact lens, or a monthly contact lens.

Wear/Replacement: Daily/Single Use
Water content: 56%
Lens material: Silicone hydrogel somofilicon A
Technology: AquaGen
Visibility tint: UV protection