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If you wear glasses, the chances are that you have given at least some thought to swapping them for contact lenses. But you might be one of those people who have not made the transition due to one fear or another. EyeHealthWeb examines some of the most common fears that are preventing people from substituting glasses for contact lens and offers some advice in the process. As can be expected, most people share the fear of touching their eyes and… Read More ➝

It’s common for eye care professionals to recommend switching brands or lens care products (LCPs) for contact lens (CL) wearers experiencing discomfort. Their approach has now received scientific support through the findings of a study led by Dr Daniel Tilia of Australia’s Brien Holden Vision Institute. His team has established that changing the CL-LCP combination can noticeably improve ocular comfort and symptoms in CL wearers suffering from eye irritation and similar problems. The researchers selected 24 CL wearers who experience… Read More ➝

The annual report prepared by Contact Lens Spectrum (CLS) showed that the global contact lenses market enjoyed good health in 2012. The publication uses a number of sources to evaluate market growth and trends, among them CLS research, industry reports and insights from industry and financial analysts. The latest edition of the report includes data from Robert W Baird and GfK, whose research was used in the portions dealing with market value and regional rankings. According to estimates from Robert… Read More ➝

Many people prefer contact lenses to glasses for the convenience and freedom they offer. However, many still fail to grasp fully the importance of proper care and the vast majority believe that they are doing a good job of maintaining hygiene. But if the findings of a US study are anything to go by, only a minuscule number of contact lens wearers are actually in full compliance with care practices, although many are well aware of the complications resulting from… Read More ➝

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for scientists. A group of researchers from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have found their inspiration in human tears, designing an adaptive material that can find application in numerous areas. For contact lens wearers, this could mean the arrival of highly precise contacts capable of cleaning themselves. The inspiration for the new material is the dynamic liquid film formed when individual tears merge. They… Read More ➝