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Almost every user of contact lenses has had one stuck in their eye. When it happens for the first time, people tend to panic but in reality it’s no big deal. So how should you proceed if your contact lens gets stuck? Here are a few tips courtesy of AllAboutVision. It is usually soft lenses that get stuck in the eye. Before you attempt removal, make sure your hands are spotlessly clean. Your next step is to locate the lens…. Read More ➝

Clear vision is not the only thing that matters to contact lens wearers, as they are also concerned with comfort and safety. Research in recent years has paid great attention to the discomfort felt by contact lens wearers, and particular focus has been paid to ways of minimising it. According to a series of studies conducted by Australia’s Brien Holden Vision Institute, one way of ensuring the greatest possible comfort for lens wearers is to determine the best combination of… Read More ➝

You like the idea of wearing contact lenses but shudder at the thought of putting them on every morning and taking them off every night? The solution to your problem could be extended wear contact lenses, which can be worn from seven to 30 days without removal. As explains in its article on the subject, extended wear soft contact lenses are made from hydrophilic polymeric materials that are highly oxygen permeable. As a result, more oxygen reaches the cornea,… Read More ➝

Scleral lenses can produce amazing results in pediatric patients. They are often used for ocular surface protection or in cases of trauma-induced severe irregular astigmatism, which makes fitting a corneal GP lens difficult. Given the enormous therapeutic benefits, it is important for doctors to master the skill of fitting very young patients with scleral lenses, according to Dr Christine W Sindt from the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa. In an article published in the… Read More ➝

When people start wearing contact lenses, they are extensively instructed in proper care. This is absolutely essential to ensure healthy eyes and good vision but there is a tendency to overlook the importance of similar instructions when it comes to contact lens solutions. After all, they are an indispensable part of the package and contact lens wearers must adopt the best practices for the sake of their eye health. To begin with, you should not just buy any old solution… Read More ➝